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Avalia Skateboards started out with a passion for skateboarding by two friends with a vision to make a dream come true and to provide a quality skateboard that will not break the pocket book.

Avalia Skateboards is a grass roots company out of the midwest run by skateboarders and would have it no other way. The streets and sidewalks of our local cities and towns are where we represent what we do.


Tim Gallenbeck <br />  {creator, owner}

Tim Gallenbeck
{creator, owner}

I fell in love with skateboarding at 15 years old. Skateboarding is the one thing that has always stayed constant in my life. I have met many great people and have gotten to go to some amazing places because of skateboarding. It is a passion that consumes me at times. Most of all it is the FUN of being able to push a skateboard. There is a release like no other and you are basically in your own world. To me, that is SKATEBOARDING! By creating Avalia Skateboards, my goal is to bring that feeling to you by sharing the vibe in the products we have. I want to pass on the love of skateboarding from one generation to the next. Be passionate and share that vibe!

Chris Neuman <br /> {co-owner}

Chris Neuman

Born and raised in the country just out of Beaver Dam, WI made it rather difficult to street skate. Luckily I had a barn, power tools and supportive parents who let me build a couple boxes, rails and a 4’ mini. Skateboarding has always been a great outlet for creativity, as well as a community of camaraderie. That is what I would like Avalia to do: BUILD COMMUNITY.

Kortnee Kasten Neuman <br /> {co-owner}

Kortnee Kasten Neuman

The minute I saw my future husband doing a hand plant on his skateboard I fell in love - not only with him but with SKATEBOARDING! Enthusiast to the core, I think skateboarding is a way of life - it's a sense of fun, community, and most importantly family. At Avalia's core is a group of friends & family that bring out the best in each other, that fight for what they believe in, and above all dream big and hope to instill that to our followers.

Photography by Andrea Coan

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